Workforce Development

Workforce Development

Business Services

NTRPDC offers a range of services geared toward meeting the workforce needs of businesses and addressing labor market demands. These services assist employers in having the skilled talent they need to thrive through collaboration and connection to resources that promote growth.

Career Services

NTRPDC empowers individuals with the resources, skills and support they need to achieve their goals through career development, training services and work-based learning opportunities.  Whether you are new to the workforce or want to advance your career we are here to help.

Pennsylvania CareerLink

PA CareerLink® offers one-stop access to a wide range of employment and career services to jobseekers and employers. The PA CareerLink® system has professional staff to assist in reaching your workforce goals.

Development Board

The Northern Tier Workforce Development Board plays a crucial role in connecting business, education and individuals to foster and promote a skilled, competitive workforce that can meet the demands of the regional job market.

Workforce Plans
and Resources

Access the latest regional workforce plans and resources.

Labor Market

Gain access to local labor market trends, unemployment data and more.

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