Business Development

Business Development

At NTRPDC, we are your dedicated partner in fostering business growth and expansion within the Northern Tier region. We offer a diverse range of services to support your enterprise’s journey towards success. Our offerings span securing business lending, international exporting, government contracting, and transportation planning. Moreover, we are committed to developing a skilled local workforce tailored to meet your specific business needs. We are eager to collaborate with you and your business, leveraging our expertise to drive your growth and further develop your presence in our region.

The Northern Tier Partnership for Regional Economic Performance (PREP) is dedicated to driving regional economic development across the region. Serving as a catalyst for collaboration, the Northern Tier PREP partnership brings together stakeholders, businesses, and communities to strategically plan and implement initiatives that enhance the economic landscape of the Northern Tier. As the Northern Tier regional Engage! partner, this program assists in the identifying and engaging companies in our region through various outreach methods, assessing the needs of those targeted companies, and assisting those targeted companies with referrals and direct technical assistance.

Business Financing

Fueling Prosperity, Powering Progress

Our business lending services stimulate entrepreneurship, job creation, and overall economic development for our region through accessible and affordable financing options.

International Business Development

Think Globally, Act Locally

International trade is a way to achieve a broader customer base and to protect your business during fluctuations in the economy. We offer technical assistance to companies in all aspects of foreign trade with an emphasis on guiding them to proficiency and independent ability to sell within the global marketplace.

Government Contracting

Navigate Opportunities, Secure Success

The NTRPDC APEX Accelerator (formerly Procurement Technical Assistance Center) is a free program designed to increase the number of companies in our region receiving government contracts by educating them on how to market their products and services to the government and to offer technical assistance and support through each phase of the procurement process.
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