Municipal Services

Municipal Services

We are dedicated to empowering local governments with a comprehensive suite of municipal services designed to foster growth, innovation, and collaboration within our communities.

Our commitment to supporting municipalities is exemplified through a wide range of specialized offerings that address the unique needs of local governments. Whether you are seeking knowledge-sharing opportunities, access to critical resources, grant assistance services, or advanced technological solutions, NTRPDC is here to serve as your go-to resource.

A table set up with pamphlets by tractors during a community event

At NTRPDC, we understand that every community is unique,
and our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of the Northern Tier region. We take pride in our role as a trusted partner, working alongside municipalities to overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and build a brighter future
for our communities.

Equipment Shows icon

Equipment Shows

Discover the latest tools and technologies essential for municipal progress at equipment shows facilitated by NTRPDC, providing municipalities in the Northern Tier region a firsthand opportunity to explore innovative solutions that enhance efficiency and advance community development.

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Municipal Summits

Elevate community collaboration and strategic planning with the municipal summits offered by NTRPDC, we provide a forum for local leaders, officials, and stakeholders to discuss key issues, share insights, and chart a collective course towards sustainable development in the Northern Tier region.

Local Technical
Assistance Program

Empowering municipalities with knowledge and expertise, the Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) at NTRPDC provides invaluable support, offering essential resources and guidance to enhance the capacity of local governments for effective decision-making and sustainable development in the Northern Tier region.

GIS Services Icon

GIS Services

GIS services, tailored to empower municipalities in the Northern Tier region with cutting-edge geographic information systems expertise for efficient planning, analysis, and resource management.


Simplify and streamline procurement processes for your municipality with NTRPDC’s expert registration services, ensuring seamless access to federal contracts and grants to facilitate economic development and growth.

Grant Writing Services icon

Grant Assistance

Elevate your community’s funding potential with expertly tailored technical assistance to assist municipalities in the Northern Tier region to secure vital funding opportunities for diverse projects and initiatives, fostering sustainable growth and development.

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