Plans, Programs and Publications

Transportation Plans

NTRPDC 2045 Long-Range Transportation Plan
Appendix A: 2021-2045 Highway and Bridge Projects
Appendix B: Maps
Appendix C: AirQuality Conformity Determination
Appendix D: Public Participation
Appendix E: Public Participation Plan

2023 - 2026 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

2021 - 2024 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

Northern Tier RO Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

Northern Tier Local Coordinated Transit Plan

Public Participation Plan

NTRPO Annual Report of Federally Obligated Projects Federal Fiscal Year 2022

NTRPO Annual Report of Federally Obligated Projects Federal Fiscal Year 2021

NTRPO Annual Report of Federally Obligated Projects Federal Fiscal Year 2020

2019 - 2022 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) NTRPDC

2019 - 2022 TIP and Air Quality Conformity Report for Tioga County

2019 - 2022 TIP and Air Quality Conformity Report for Wyoming County

Northern Tier CMAQ Guidance 2014

 State Transportation Commission (STC) 2017 Twelve Year Program

2015-2040 Long Range Transportation Plan

Open Space, Greenway & Recreation Plan December 2010

Troy Mobility Plan 2011

Marcellus Shale Freight Transportation Study (pdf)

2009-2035 Long Range Transportation Plan (pdf)

2004-2024 Long Range Transportation Plan(pdf)

RTAC February 2023 Meeting Agenda
RTAC December 2022 Meeting Minutes
RTAC December 2022 Meeting Agenda
RTAC October 2022 Meeting Minutes
RTAC October 2022 Meeting Agenda
RTAC June 2022 Meeting Minutes
RTAC June 2022 Meeting Agenda
RTAC April 2022 Meeting Minutes
RTAC April 2022 Meeting Agenda
RTAC February 2022 Meeting Minutes
RTAC February 2022 Meeting Agenda
RTAC December 2021 Meeting Minutes
RTAC December 2021 Meeting Agenda
RTAC October 2021 Meeting Minutes
RTAC October 2021 Meeting Agenda
RTAC June 2021 Meeting Minutes
RTAC June 2021 Meeting Agenda
RTAC April 2021 Meeting Minutes
RTAC April 2021 Meeting Agenda
RTAC February 2021 Meeting Minutes
RTAC February 2021 Meeting Agenda
RTAC December 2020 Meeting Minutes
RTAC December 2020 Meeting Agenda
RTAC October 2020 Meeting Minutes
RTAC October 2020 Meeting Agenda
RTAC June 2020 Meeting Minutes
RTAC June 2020 Meeting Agenda
RTAC April 2020 Meeting Minutes
RTAC April 2020 Meeting Agenda
RTAC February 2020 Meeting Minutes
RTAC February 2020 Meeting Agenda
RTAC December 2019 Meeting Agenda
RTAC October 2019 Meeting Minutes
RTAC October 2019 Meeting Agenda
RTAC August 2019 Meeting Agenda
RTAC August 2019 Meeting Minutes
RTAC June 2019 Meeting Agenda
RTAC June 2019 Meeting Minutes
RTAC April 2019 Meeting Agenda
RTAC April 2019 Meeting Minutes
RTAC February 2019 Meeting Agenda
RTAC February 2019 Meeting Minutes

Executive Summary(pdf, 8 pages)
Final Report
(pdf, 238 pages)

Final report (pdf, 90 pages, 3.5 MB)

Central Bradford Region Comprehensive Plan  (31 MB, 188 pages, pdf)

Central Bradford Region Comprehensive Plan Appendix (8 MB, 51 pages, pdf)

Central Bradford Comprehensive Plan Executive Summary (1 MB, 12 pages, pdf)

Tunkhannock Area Park and Ride Final Report (pdf)

Title VI Compliance
Title VI Documents 08-01-2018 (2.8mb, 48 pages, pdf)